Social media video content

Short-form mobile orientated video content between 5 - 60 seconds specific to your business to engage your audience and grow. Receive a mixture of mobile video content between 15 - 60 seconds long that can showcase your products, services, team members, events & personality.

Video content is being currently being prioritised on social media algorithms which gives video content greater reach & influence, particularly mobile optimised video content. 

As we already know more than 90% of internet traffic is done through video, the majority of this coming from short engaging clips across social media, these are a great way of showcasing what you have to offer in a short and simple way, leaving the audience wanting more!

In order to grow organically on any social platform it's about uploading high-quality content consistently & frequently


Your videographer will spend a day capturing the content of your business in action.



✔️ As many individual videos as you need from the shoot

✔️ Videos of any length

✔️ Your own dedicated videographer 

✔️ Your own dedicated video editor

✔️ Full-service post-production, re-touching & editing

✔️ Unlimited editing revisions

✔️ Direct 24/7 support with your videographer / photographer

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