Visual Rose is a photo & video content creation platform that aims to connect clients with their own dedicated video expert to produce stunning visuals and storytelling content that evokes desire and inspires your prospects to take action. We take our creative inspiration directly from world-class cinematography along with using a range of equipment & creative capability to execute dynamic, engaging videos & photos for your next idea, project, listing or event. 

Our mission is to simplify and streamline the content creation process while achieving unmatched, unparalleled quality in our videos & photos. With our easy packages we can integrate seamlessly with your existing marketing team as and when needed. No more tedious phone calls & emailing, with messy and confusing licensing agreements. Each client receives their own dedicated videographer & editor to create unique custom content that is 100% yours. Forever. We take pride in our unique creativity, you'll never find us using drag and drop presets and cheesy slide show animations, have your business taken seriously with unmatched quality content

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